Mozillians at the IOT Fab-a-thon

This event is not covered under Mozilla but it was about us Mozillian participating in the IOT Fab-a-thon at CEPT University, Ahmadabad.

A few days ago of event,

Pranshu and I noted via Facebook that there is one event based on IOT named Fab-a-thin. So we told Miten and he responded saying that he knows about this event and also wanted to inform us but he forgot somehow. Thus, we decided to participate in this event.

About Fab-a-thin

FabLab CEPT and Maker Fest are organizing a Fab-a-turn on “Genuine Day“(1st April).
Fab-a-turn provides a venue for self-expression and creativity through technology. People with various technical backgrounds are invited to come together, form teams around a problem or idea, and collaborate to design unique IOT solution from scratch. they can take shape in the form of automated products they are well integrated with websites and mobile apps, using Genuine boards. So brace yourself for the 36 hours filled with opportunities – to learn new technologies, build amazing products.

We registered ourselves on the website. Then researched on the idea we are to implement in this event. We are from EC background so we don’t have much knowledge of IT so we were searching for a teammate who has enough backend knowledge for server purposes. Then Drashti (our friend, a WoMoz in Ahmadabad) suggested two names, Smit Thakkar and Nisarg Bhatt. Our team was ready and an idea is decided that we were going to make a Smart Trash Can.

1st April 2016

We (Me, Pranshu and Miten) were getting late for go to Ahmadabad, we boarded a train on 5:45 am and reached Ahmadabad by 7:15 am. Finally, we reached CEPT University, Ahmadabad. What a campus it was! Everything on the campus was made by the students and it was really creative and innovative.  It seems like this is what we deserved in our engineering life. Here are some moments that we captured on.

Then we asked a security guard to reach our destination point, the much anticipated Fab Lab. Here the moment comes we Mozillians are at the Fab-a-the lab. Amazing stuff and machines were there in that lab like 3D printer (Ultimaker 2), laser cutter and some creation of models using these amazing machine. We asked the volunteer for registration, after that we registered ourselves and got some food.

At 10 am, the Fab-a-then was to commence and we listed down the things that we required to submit that list to coordinator, after some time our other two team members came and joined us, then volunteer distributed the components and respective Arduino Unos.

For making a smart trash we required these components

  • Arduino UNO
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • PIR sensor
  • Jumper Wires
  • 9V battery
  • Servo motor
  • Model of Trashcan
  • Wi-Fi module

Now we had all the components and we started to work on the smart can. Smit and Nisarg started working on a server and IT side whereas Me, Pranshu and Miten we started deciding the model of our product, Smart Trash Can. We were going to interface the ultrasonic sensor, PIR sensor and Wi-Fi module with Arduino. Our first day was mostly spent on hardware and programming side.

2nd April,2016

After working full night, some our members were feeling sleepy and rested for a bit. I was pretty excited about using a 3D printer and laser cutting machine for the first time in my life! We made a rough model of our dustbin and implied that design later on a laser cutter machine made our model by cutting a cardboard sheet and we got our model!

We start arranging the pieces of cardboard and assembled our model. Then we suffered a problem with the Wi-Fi module, problem was that our module successfully connected with the internet but the data did not send to the server that we made.

Now it’s time to fix sensors with the model, we did programming in Arduino to manage all of these signals which come from sensors. Now the model was successfully working and it was time to present our model.

The presentation begins, there were some experienced judges on the panel who’d give us marks on our presentation, according to marks they choose the ranks.

All other participate presented their idea and model, Finally, the moment came and we were going to present our model in front of the judges. I explained the hardware part and miten presente the model and explained the software part.

Judges declared the result, Team pixel amigos (Our team name) – the second runner-up. We all were feeling proud. This is how well we performed in the IOT Fab-a-thon. It was such a great and amazing experience. I learned many things from here. It would be my pleasure to perform in FabLab.

Thanks, FabLab CEPT and IOT.


About Dhaval Joshi

Mozillian | Programmer | Circuits | Robotics | Technical | ARM Cortex M | Embedded | AVR | Arduino
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