#KidzillaBIT @Varnama

Teach the kids, A Social responsibility activity held on a school named Shree Seva Samaj Sharda Mandir, Varnama. The event focuses on teaching the school kids about basics of computers, internet and the Firefox web browser. The target audience will be from 6th to 9th class.

Teach the children… so it will not be necessary to teach the adults.

– Abraham Lincoln

In the 21st Century, use of computer is necessary thing for any work and to learn something from internet, the children of varnama do not have the resources to afford a computer. Even if they could afford, there is no staff member in school who can teach computer, because there is only one PC (personal Computer) in the Principal’s office. so it was our responsibility to teach them about computer and get them familiarized with different computer parts. Tell them about internet and what is a use of internet.

Why did I say that it’s our Social Responsibility?
Well, when one thinks of poor children in this country, he/she would know that the poverty and literacy level is really low and we being the privileged ones to have all the facilities should help them reach at our level. It’s our social responsibility to make our society better with such kids and parents who can use computers and internet so that the whole society moves forward together and nobody gets left behind.

A week before event, Me, Pranshu and Miten met to discuss about organising a social responsibility event, Teach the kids. Miten told us that the Principal of a school in Varnamais his neighbour, so we decided to talk with him to organize an event in his school. After few days Miten asked the Principal to organize teach the kids in his school, he accepted our offer and gave us full support.

1-2 days before event, we met and decided the final team members. Here is the list of final team members:
1)    Miten Kashiyani
2)    Dhaval Joshi
3)    Pranshu Khanna
4)    Aarti Tahiliani
5)    Tatvagna Shah
6)    Ripunjay Patel
7)    Dharmesh Solanki
8)    Maitri Bhavsar
9)    Shruti Chaturvedi
Team of 9 members, principle sir told us that there are approx. 150 students present in seminar so now we are divide them into group of 3, per group 50 student and 3 volunteer are involved. Here are the finalise team member,
6th and 7th standard = Miten, Aarti and Ripunjay.
8th standard = Pranshu, Dharmesh and Shruti.
9th standard = Dhaval, Tatvagna and Maitri.
We all divided in three standards. Now we are deciding the contain of teach so we decide to teach them what is computer, what is internet, what is hardware and software, basic parts that required to start a computer, introduction of storage devices etc., we also prepare some power point presentation, some pictures to show them different parts of computer.
The day came we all are waiting for, 21st march,2016
8:15 AM, Me, Pranshu and 3 other girls met at bus depot and left for Varnama village, other Mozillian are reach there on time. Then we met Principal sir and explained him what would be our agenda for the day. Principal sir called all the student in corridor, Teachers and our Mozilla team was also present there.



Teacher Welcomed the Principal, the students, and ourselves. After that, we all introduced ourselves and told them where are we from and why we came. All students were divided in three categories, according to their standards, they were all distributed in their respective class. Me, Tatvagna and Maitri went on to teach standard 9th students.

I introduced myself and my team members. Then I started teaching them by asking a simple question how many of you know, What is a Computer? Then I covered all the things which can be understood by them by starting at a very basic level and then I started raising the level. We could see that all students were able to understand what I was trying to say. I taught them, What is Memory Card, Pen Drive, Hard Disk, CD, DVD and What is the meaning of class which is mention on the memory card or pen drive? I also covered data count units namely Bit, Bytes, KB, MB, GB, TB. I showed them a few pictures so that they could understand easily. Then I moved to the software part, What is software? Difference between Software and Hardware, etc. I also taught them Microsoft Word and Excel. In between I asked some questions and those who answered, we gave them chocolates and swags.

After covering the things mentioned above, we moved to the world of internet. What is internet? What can internet do? Internet is a necessary medium and we needed to cover it, also the Mozilla Firefox browser and how can browser connects you to the internet.

In the end, a Q&A session was held by us, all the students seemed to understand what we taught them, they were all are interested in Computers but a few of them stood out and had very good knowledge of computer.

That’s how we wrapped up our session.

It’s an honor to give back to the community which gave you so much, What a day it was! We enjoyed a lot!


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