MozMeet @ BITS Edu Campus

Event was about to meeting of current FSA’s and tell them about our experience of Footprints X6, recruit new FSA who are interested to join the club (BITFox Club) at BITS Edu Campus, Vadodara.

A day before meet up, me, Pranshu and Miten took a permission from HOD of our department to use net lab and organize the meet up.

Afternoon at 2 PM, All the students are reported in net lab and we are note down their names and E-mail IDs. After that, we kick start our session with introduce ourselves, first of all Miten told them about our over last event Web Of Things and Firefox OS @ Footprints X6, he told them that it was such a great experience to be a part of that event, then Pranshu told about his experience. The background slideshow of pictures is running on and Pranshu described all the moment that captured on a picture. After that it was my turn, I told about the main part of that workshop which is robotics, I told them that what we make and how all these things work. I also told that how can IoT term is introduce in robotics, it was a technical session covered by me. I asked some questions to the audience and I got nice response by them. This is how we share our experience with them.

3 PM: Now we move on to the Mozilla structure and introduction of Mozilla hierarchy structure and Presentation was explain by Miten, Pranshu and me. These topics were covered in these session:

  • About Mozilla
  • Contribution area in Mozilla
  • FSA programme

Then our club leader Miten Kashiyani was start and telling about Mozilla and its non-contribution area, rest of topics will be covered by me and Pranshu, we show them some videos and picture so that they can understand easily, after that we talk about to start the contribution in Mozilla, we all encourage them to involve in this open source platform,

Then we asked about who wanted to join our club or if they wanted to register themselves in FSA (Firefox student ambassador) Program, approx. 40 student registered their name to join our club and start contribution in Mozilla.

Speakers of event:

  • Miten kashiyani
  • Pranshu Khanna
  • Dhaval Joshi

The event was a great success and the new recruits seemed enthusiastic.


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