BITFox Club

Hello friends,

This is my first post and I am writing about joining my college’s club,The BITFox Club.

Some of my friends told me that there is an organization named Mozilla which provide a platform to showcase your potentials and make your contacts with other communities. He said, if you are interested then be present at opening ceremony of BITFox Club, I was like, ok I’ll be there.

The event started with lighting a lamp for Goddess Saraswati who is worshiped as the Goddess of Knowledge, and proceeded with her blessings. The Principal of the college shared some words of encouragement which was followed by our MozReps Ankit Mehta, Siddhartha Rao and the BITFox Club Leader Miten Kashiyani.

At the seminar after opening ceremony, our guest was Ankit Mehta and Siddharth rao shared their knowledge. They describe about what is Mozilla? How community work? What are the source of income of Mozilla? Host are also told us that if you are not good in technical skill still you can contribute for Mozilla. Ankit and Siddhartha guided us with every How’s’, What’s and Who’s everything. Privacy is an issue nowadays on which our guests explained us about the contribution area more briefly.

After that they told us about the area of contribution and task force team. So we can choose one or more than one contribution area.

Overall experience was good at seminar. After the seminar after I met miten and ask him how to join Mozilla?, he told me the process, which I followed and become an FSA (Firefox student ambassador) as well as a mozillian.

So this is how my journey started with BITFox Club.



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